What is this?

Papersong is a about a girl, who can’t talk, trying to find her missing friend. Papersong is a graphic novella completed as my senior thesis at Bard College.  It updates Tuesday and Thursday, and is 52 pages.  There is a physical copy available in the store for a very reasonable price.


Who are you?

I’m Maggie G. Vicknair, writer and artist extraordinaire!  (hey that rhymes!) I’ve been doing comics for a while now, including my long running webcomic Penny Dreadful.  This is my first completed longer work, though I have also a few mini-comics in the store.   I have an obsession with vests, roosters, and J. Jonah Jameson.  I spend way too much time holed up in my room drawing, (I’ve started befriending the spiders in my window – Otto Octavia and Deathstar) so send me a line whenever you so desire and remind me of the outside world.

email // portfolio // Penny Dreadful // tumblr


How is the sausage made?

Papersong was made with ink and gauche and a lot of love.